Being in debt is not an easy and pleasant situation

Knowing that you have temporary financial difficulties and do not have a possibility to repay the debt in full, do not panic.

Just start making transfers to your Bondora account to reduce your debt amounts at the earliest possible convenience.

Make a SEPA payment

Make a SEPA payment through your Internet bank using the following payment details:

  • Receiver: Bondora AS
  • IBAN no: EE937700771004427510
  • Reference no: reference number which you can find in the settings of your Bondora account
  • Reference text: insert your name and Identification number (isikukood) OR Bondora Loan Agreement number
  • Receiver bank name: AS LHV Pank
  • Receiver bank address: Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia

Repay now

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Lost your job? Had a major expense? No worries. With B Secure, you can:

  • Get a payment holiday on the loan principal
  • Extend or reduce your payment period
  • Choose a monthly payment date that suits you

If you're experiencing financial difficulties, B Secure can help.

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If a debt is not repaid, we are forced to take the following actions:

  1. On 45th day of the debt your details will be published in the Public Credit Registry
  2. If there is a debt in three consecutive monthly payments in full or in part, your loan agreement will be terminated, and we will be forced to go to court to collect the loan debt in full
  3. Once a court decision is issued, we will turn to a bailiff for enforcement proceedings. Please get in contact with your bailiff to check debt settlement options.

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Consequences of having debt

It is important that you understand what it means when we are forced to add the payment debt information to the Public Credit Registry and recover the debt through the court and Bailiffs:

  • Publishing payment default data in the Public Credit Registry means additional costs, which can be avoided if you make a payment in time. Please refer to the fees page to learn more.
  • The information on your payment default will be available to banks, consumer finance companies, mobile operators, and other companies selling goods and services on credit. Such negative information is likely to hinder the customer’s chances of getting loans and buying goods or services on credit for a number of years to come. The information will be available to other companies for 5 years after the debt has been cleared.
  • If we are forced to turn to a court and the court decides that you must repay the debt, you also have to pay court fees. We also will turn to bailiff for enforcement proceedings. Bailiffs have the right to seize your accounts, assets and income.


The debtor bears full responsibility for all the expenses in regards to the legal recovery, which may increase the debt amount substantially. It is very important that you find the possibility to repay your debts before we are forced to turn to the courts.

Repay the debts now to avoid further costs and obligations

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