B Secure – be ready for the unexpected

Take a payment holiday
Change your loan duration
Choose your payment date
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What is B Secure?

B Secure is an add-on service that gives you flexibility with your loan to help you be ready for any financial situation. Once activated, you can change your loan duration, take a principal payment holiday, change the payment date to suit your unique needs, and more!

Activating B Secure is easy – you can do it in just 60 seconds

Whether you have to pay for car repairs, lost your job, or simply need a new payment date – with B Secure, you can adjust your schedule to suit your needs.

How do I get B Secure?

Log in to your Bondora account
Go to the B Secure service section and click on ‘Apply Now
Review the terms and conditions and sign the contract

What is the B Secure fee?

The B Secure monthly service fee is only €14.99, regardless of the number of active loans you have.

  • The B Secure fee is added to your monthly payment. The service fee is automatically deducted from your Bondora account balance monthly, along with the loan payment. Make sure there is enough money in your Bondora account to cover your monthly loan repayment and B Secure invoice.
  • Following the activation of B Secure, the first invoice must be paid together with the next monthly payment, regardless of whether the payment schedule has changed or not.
  • B Secure will apply to all your existing and future loan agreements and will end with your final loan agreement.
*B Secure Terms and Conditions

With the help of the B Secure service you will be able to make changes to a loan agreement one at a time. If you would like to make multiple changes, the next change can be made once you have made at least one payment under the revised schedule.

The B Secure service is valid until payment of the last loan payment. If you have multiple loan agreements, then B Secure will remain in effect until payment of the final instalment of the loan agreement.

You can opt-out of the service by contacting our support team. In that case, your final invoice for the B Secure service must be paid along with the next monthly payment and B Secure will become inactive 30 days after cancellation.

The B Secure service cannot be used if you have long-term debt before Bondora and we are entitled to begin debt recovery via a court. If you have any current debts before Bondora (including loan payment, interest, other debts or the B Secure service monthly fee), upon changing the loan schedule you will have to repay all debts along with the next scheduled payment.

Important: If you are overdue with your payment at the time of the new schedule change, your debt amount will be split across all future payments.

If you have multiple loans and are applying for a new repayment schedule using 'B Secure', all selected changes will be applied to each active loan.

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