You could win a loan-free life

If you pay your monthly installments on time and are a B Secure or B Secure+ customer, you can stand a chance to win exciting cash prizes!

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There are 3 different prize categories where you can win:*

Weekly prize draws

Every week one winner will get €500 paid into their Bondora account.

Monthly prize draws

Once a month, one winner will have their entire loan repaid by Bondora.

Grand prize draw

Once a quarter, one lucky winner will win the grand prize: their entire loan will be repaid by Bondora, PLUS they will receive €5,000 prize money!

* The campaign is organized by Bondora AS. Before deciding to participate in the campaign, please examine the terms and conditions and consult with a specialist, as necessary.

212,143 people have invested over €696M and earned €85M - YOU become the bank.

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Please review our terms and conditions on, and consult with a financial advisor if necessary.

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*Loan amount from €500 to €10000. Repayment period from 3 to 60 months. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from 32.68% to 44.27%.